About me

I am a passionate dabbler in many technologies but my focus mostly these days is in Javascript. Javascript has proven itself over the years not only in dominance of client side website applications, but has touched seemingly every industry and platform. There are utilities which make it possible to compile software for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android all from a single Javascript source. It can be used for interface manipulation, data processing through streams, and network trafficking. It is single threaded, functional, event driven, and fast. Pitfalls of the language and danger of memory leaks aside I have fallen in love.

Javascript is the language used in my latest project, Voicedrop GmbH. A company founded in Berlin, which takes the webpage you are viewing and turns it into a recording studio for your voice and cursor.

It captures not only the html of the webpage itself as you viewed it but also your cursor movements and interactions with it. Unlike a video, Voicedrop is a complete website interaction replay experience. It allows you to see what they saw all the way down to monitoring the html as it changed. I feel that it is a revolutionary product. As an added bonus file sizes of the recordings are perfect for mobile use and small.

I have an interest in other technologies. For a long time I was enamoured with Ruby, as well as Ruby on Rails, and Ruby on Sinatra. Before that I liked QBasic, Visual Basic, and C#.

My preference has veered towards strict typing which is why I like Typescript and C# so much. I will find new technologies I like even more than that moving forward as we continue this journey into the future. I'm an advocate for clean, easy, well documented code, simple minimalistic implementation, and as few general purpose libraries as imperitive. Working together we can build a targeted product out of the anarchy of things available.

We are living in a golden era of technological possiblity and I would like to play a role in realising as many of those possibilities as possible. If you are interested to get in touch feel free.

Please ensure that you are contacting me during the day after I had my delicious breakfast. If your project requires all of the latest tools and technologies available I am interested in hearing about it and an employment pitch.