I've lived in many places throughout Europe and North America, where I've also spent time building software. While living and working abroad my experience has spanned a number of technologies, toolsets, and environments. I am writing JavaScript on the front and back end currently.

I have worked for large and small companies, also co-founded a startup.

My primary focus has always been on software development tools and how to make them work to their full potential. Keeping things simple, clean, and low maintenance. I follow trends to try and determine what technologies are worth following. I'm less interested in many of what could be deemed large impact tools namely Webpack, Babel, or React/Redux. I do understand how to use these, and certainly I have in a professional environment. But to use these tools is often the easy answer, there are other ways of approaching topics. I like to brainstorm new product ideas and spread any knowledge that I have.

The software and technology world is vast and I'll always be learning new things. I like to meet new people and learn about how they tackle problems and find solutions. My hope is to become self sufficient so that I can devote more time to my own projects.


I was raised in Canada. I like to listen to live music, visit art exhibitions, eat at restaurants, and program.